Room Mate Hotels

Client | Room Mate Hotels (through Cohn&Wolfe)
Description | Amsterdam office opening party
Category | Brands, Events,


RMH is a Spanish hotel chain with branches in twenty countries. The Amsterdam branch was chosen as a flagship location and therefore it had to be opened with a party that would give Amsterdam something to talk about for a long time. We were asked by PR agency Cohn&Wolfe to take care of the production and to invite 400 influencers. We did this in cooperation with advertising agency Grey Madrid, a family business of Cohn&Wolfe.

Part of our job was to give away a two-night stay in the hotel. In order to win, the 400 influencers had to post the following sentence on their social media profiles: ‘Saturday September 6th I am sleeping at Aitana’s.’ This created the desired buzz on Facebook and Twitter, and thus generated the brand rumour that we were going for, because people started to wonder who this Aitana was en why ‘everybody’ was going to sleep at her place on that date.