We are Michiel Döbelman and Bob Wisman; two friends from university, who after following their own path in the marketing and events business for ten years, joined forced to create the Roadshow. Michiel founded the company Savage Productions right after he finished his studies. Under this name he organised and produced numerous events between 2004 and 2009. He did this on behalf of other companies as well as on his own initiative. At the events he cooperated extensively with brands in the field of sponsoring.

Bob has worked at a full service brand activation agency for over nine years, where he was responsible for multiple large accounts and campaigns that were aimed at brand experience. Furthermore he brought a number of successful party concepts to the market with his own company Wise Man Entertainment. The main focus of these concepts was the experience of visitors.

We work from the Impact Hub Westerpark. This is a place where all our distributors are located, which enables us to work closely with several experts in the field of creation and production. Additionally we are connected to a network of 7000 creative entrepreneurs, that are spread out over fifty metropoles. This new way of working allows us to keep our overhead costs low and gives us access to the right people for a specific project.