Bavaria | Taking over the city

Client | Bavaria
Description | Taking over the city of Amsterdam
Category | Brands,


For the New Year’s party ‘Great Balls of Fire’, organised by Lloyd-Acardi, The Roadshow oversaw part of the production. We were also asked to approach a sponsor. The theme of the party was ‘Rock & Roll’ en from this notion we linked Bavaria to the event.

It was Bavaria’s intention to conquer the city of Amsterdam. So we associated the fact that Rock & Roll once conquered the world and thus we let the brand and the music style flow together into one experience. During the two months that followed, we sent a jeep with six Rock & Roll dancers into the city and into random houses, bars and clubs, to surprise the people that were present, with a hit & run party. The teams invaded the buildings with a boombox and Bavaria beers and showed their moves during one song, only to leave the next moment leaving the people completely bewildered. This apotheoses of these invasions took place the day before Christmas: on a Saturday afternoon between 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., thirty actors and dancers divided over six old-timers were driving through the city. They stopped at all the hotspots and played (loud!) Rock & Roll music and let the Bavaria beers flow abundantly and created spontaneous street parties wherever they went. From the Dam to the Noordermarkt, the Nine streets and de Pijp, the Haarlemmer- and Utrechtsestraat, to the Heinekenbrouwerij: we took over the city!