Bavaria | Pop-Up Club

Client | Bavaria
Description | POP UP Club
Category | Brands, Events,


The goal Bavaria envisioned with this event was to improve the reputation of the Reguliersdwarsstraat in Amsterdam. At the time of this project, both the media and the locals were not very enthusiastic about this street. An important reason for this feeling was the lack of (innovative) entertainment.

Starting from this problem, The Roadshow came up with a PR concept with the working-title ‘Bavaria is doing something nice in the Reguliersdwarsstraat’, as sort of a cheeky statement to the competition. The ‘something nice’ entailed the opening of a temporary event location that Bavaria offered to ‘Creatief Amsterdam’. The Roadshow made up the story that the club, which was situated in the former building of Club Havana, went bankrupt. Therefore Bavaria would temporarily lease the building to try and restore the pleasant atmosphere in the street. To make the whole story more believable the club, that was actually very much in business, was entirely closed off from the outside with wooden panels, which were covered in graffiti. On behalf of Bavaria we invited a leading party from several (sub)scenes to show their talent. This way Bavaria’s name was spread in a positive manner amongst the influencers and their in-groups. Additionally, the initiative got picked up by newspaper De Telegraaf and thus received national attention.