Secret Service Society | Restaurant Fifteen

Client | Own event
Description | Secret Service Society
Category | Events,


Restaurant Fifteen approached us to organise a party, intended to introduce a new target group to the location. So together with a group of friends we came up with the concept ‘Secret Service Society’.
The dress code was obvious and consequently all the guests looked stunning. And to top it off, we also let a few models walk around with real guns (rented after the consent of the senior police officer of Amsterdam, and to be picked up in Rotterdam). For the promotion campaign we invited all the DJ’s and members of the organisation to a professional photo-shoot, where everybody was styled according to a character that fitted the theme. Business cards with a personal themed photo served as an invitation for guests within our own networks, which meant that we were able to attract a select group to the location. It turned out to be a blast, just as Fifteen intended!