Schiphol Telematics

Client | Schiphol Telematics
Description | Viering 20 jarig bestaan
Category | Events,


Schiphol Telematics is a company that handles all Internet traffic on Schiphol; a very important service. From this notion we came up with a theme for the 20 year anniversary celebration of Telematics, which would be held for all its employees.

We created a fictive mafia boss, who lived on the majestic Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The mafia boss wanted to get into contact with Telematics, because of their ‘good relationship with the international transport industry.’ The ‘Don’ invited all the employees of Telematics to a big party that would take place in his house, where they would all look at the possibilities of a future collaboration. All the employees received notes on their desks weeks prior to the event, with cryptic descriptions of what was in store for them.

On the day of the party everybody had to assemble on one of the docs outside the centre, so that they could be taken to the Don’s house with stunning boats that navigated through the Amsterdam canals. When the guests arrived on the designated location, an over the top party in the style of the mafia began, with several performances by classical musicians. Amongst those performers were Marilyn Monroe ‘herself’, multiple DJ’s and a soul band. De night ended with a ritual, meant to seal the alliance between ‘the two organisations’. De director of Telematics and the Don cut their hands with a knife (oh yes, the fake blood flowed), after which they shook each other’s hand. On a boat navigating through the Amsterdam canals, under a beautiful starlit sky and listening to Italian music, the guests enjoyed a last taste of delicacies and returned home. All is well, that ends well.