Models at Work & USSR | Jimmy Woo & Westerunie

Client | Own event
Description | Models at Work & USSR
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Every first Saturday of the month, USSR Media, Models at Work and Savage Productions organised a party in the Jimmy Woo that was only open to guests from a (paid) guest list. To try something new, we turned the entire place upside down: On the top floor we took out all the furniture and on the ground floor we added stages and couches. Additionally, we adjusted the music. On the top floor we played a combination of styles and on the ground floor there were DJ’s who played loud house music; amongst them were Dimitri, Eddy de Clerq and Frederik Abas. This, in combination with the acts of Models at Work, made it a sizzling night that everyone wanted to attend. Beside the club night, we also organised three XL editions in the, at the time recently opened, WesterUnie: the Winterfest, the Springfest and the Closing Party of the Amsterdam Fashion Week (in association with Hadimassa).