Dagverblijf | VLLA en DOK2013

Client | Own event
Description | Dagverblijf
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The dull autumn and winter months are ideal for a party that starts on a Saturday afternoon. So why party until the sun comes up and be all messed up the following Sunday, when it can be so much different? That’s why the doors to Daycare open at 2:00 p.m and close around midnight; start your party early in the day is the new trend. The perception that partying during the day is out of the question is no longer valid.

The secret behind the success of Daycare is that the afternoons are perfect to catch up with friends and to play games, with the evening following naturally: the starting sign for all the guests to go wild. At Daycare it’s all about atmosphere and interaction. Next to a strong line-up, there is plenty to do, to experience, to taste and to eat. There is live painting and there are air castles and games. You can have delicious food and snacks and they prepare the best cocktails. In short, there’s plenty of entertainment to fill the Saturday afternoon and evening.