ASR Vastgoed

Client | ASR Vastgoed (through Cohn&Wolfe)
Description | Opening I-Dock eiland Amsterdam
Category | Events,


The I-Dock island is a gorgeous new part of Amsterdam that is situated a couple hundred metres away from the Central Station. Because a new living- and working area is a big thing for every city, the opening had to be celebrated accordingly.

The Roadshow came up with the theme ‘Dans le Port D’Amsterdam’, after the world-famous record by Jacques Brel, because of the location of the new dock within the IJ. To open the event, the municipal executive councillor of Amsterdam arrived in the harbour on an authentic Clipper and was welcomed by the 300 guests that were assembled on the wharf in front of the Room Mate Hotel. The majestic boat was escorted by cutting-edge flyboarders that danced on the water to the sounds of Brel’s song, which was sung by the winner of the national French chanson festival 2013.