Amstel70 | Escape Delux

Client | Own event
Description | Amstel70
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Together with our friends at USSR Media we organised a weekly club night. This night took place in Escape deLux, the location where we were the first organisers of the event. Because we didn’t want the guests to arrive through the entrance on the Rembrandtplein, we decided to use the emergency exit. And so, every week, a long line of guests was assembled on the small piece of pavement at the back of the club. The guests had to enter the club through the emergency exit, after which they had to find their way passed the garbage bins of the club and climb a large staircase. They would then enter the club area, where Mr. Rosso and his guest DJ’s treated the attendees to a combination of hits and house; something that was quite innovative for that time. It made Amstel70 a huge success for two years.