Client | TomTom
Description | Product launch Taxi Butler
Category | Brands, Events,


TomTom came up with a new product, intended to concur the hearts of taxi drivers. They thought of an innovative devise that (mainly) enabled the food and beverage industry to book their favourite taxi driver with just one push of a button. The devise works in the favour of the taxi drivers, who can easily categorise their customers, but also to the benefit of the restaurant, café and hotel owners, who are offered a fast service for their clients.

To launch the devise we invited a hundred taxi drivers to go on a very special taxi ride, so they could experience the product for themselves. The drivers were offered a ride on the most advanced party bus of the Netherlands. Big screens in the bus showed the person that was calling in through the new devise and wanted to book a taxi. Every new customer was amazing: varying from a lost belly dancer with car trouble that was in a hurry to get to her performance, to a magician that just finished his show and was willing to treat the gentlemen to an incredible show. But the most spectacular customer of the evening was Andre Hazes. The famous Dutch singer had not died at all and was on his way to a show in theatre Carré. It was an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, that helped TomTom win over their target group in a humorous manner.