J.C.Rags | Amsterdam Dance Event

Client | J.C.Rags
Description | J.C. Rags’ exclusive event during the ADE
Category | Brands, Events,


J.C. Rags, Europe’s leading clothing brand in men’s fashion, distinguishes itself by organising an exclusive three-day event during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Every year, the brand manages to throw this huge party that is only accessible to 200 hundred guests. The year we were part of the organisation, the guest list consisted of influencers invited by us, and a few lucky winners.

What makes this party so unique, besides the location and the select group of guests, is the fact that as per tradition the world’s best DJ’s perform; Carl Cox and Goldfish just to mention a few. The celebration takes place in J.C. Rags’ own store on the Heilige Weg, right in the heart of Amsterdam. The location made it quite a challenge for The Roadshow; once the store was closed at the end of the day, we had to transform the store to a club that included bars, cloakroom, DJ set and decorations. This event enabled J.C. Rags to stand out in an original way during the world’s biggest electronic music festival.