Caffé PC Five Years

Client | Caffé PC
Description | Viering vijf jarig bestaan
Category | Brands,


Caffé PC (indeed, located in the famous P.C. Hooftstraat) existed five years and they wanted to celebrate this in such a way that it would create publicity. We just so happened to know that former boxing champion Regilio Tuur was a usual customer there, and so we asked him to help us with the celebration.

It was the period (2007) where the term P.C. Hooft Tractor was popular, seeing as how the street was filled with expensive SUV’s that paraded up and down the street. Thus, we thought it would be fun to make a parody of this trend and we wanted it to be picked up by all the lifestyle media. We let Mr. Tuur drive up the street in a gigantic tractor. And to make it even crazier, the tractor pulled a flat cart where we put former soccer player Glenn Helder, surrounded by typical P.C. Hooft-ladies, behind a drum set. Under the loud sound of the drums and under the eye of the media, Tuur parked his tractor right in front of Caffé PC. While stepping down from the tractor he gave the keys nonchalantly to the valet saying: “Hey dude, park my truck will you? I am gonna eat a sandwich in my favourite café.”