Client | Bristol
Description | Approaching new target group
Category | Brands, Events,


Bristol wanted to approach a different target group and so The Roadshow decided that they needed a campaign that would label Bristol as the new leading fashion brand! And so we set up a campaign where we searched for ‘Holland’s Next Fashion Victim’.

People could upload their picture on Facebook and through a contest, the new face of ‘The world’s leading fashionbrand’ would be selected. The prize: a well-paid photo-shoot. We designed Bristol Haute Couture t-shirts that our ‘Fashion Victims’ wore while going past different clubs and could hand out to the real hipsters. Pictures of this campaign were put on Facebook, which allowed the campaign to come to the attention of a wider audience. Also, we threw a great semi-official launch party at the Amsterdam Fashion Week, where all visitors could parade on the ‘Larger Than Life Catwalk’. Under the supervision of fashion stylist Fred van Leer, who was seated on a big throne, a winner was chosen and rewarded with a weekend trip to fashion capital Paris.

Credits: artwork by Headline