Bavaria | After NOON op zaterdag

Client | Bavaria
Description | Saturday after NOON
Category | Brands, Events,


The main goal of the NOON concept was for Bavaria to connect the so called ‘Saturday afternoon-moment’ to itself. It was aimed at the cosy Saturday afternoon feeling you get in a café; central to the event were board games, cult movies, hamburgers, ‘bitterballen’ and dj performances that magnified the Saturday afternoon feeling. Furthermore, the NOON concept gave Bavaria the opportunity to bring all its catering locations under the attention of a new target group.

Over the course of 1.5 years, the concept was carried out on a weekly basis in nine different cities. All the events were captured on photographs by our photographers, which enabled us to spread the concept through social media. Through the combination of a live experience and the online communication, Bavaria was able to reach thousands of people, every week, and from all over the country.